About Us


Mr. Rajkamal Chauhan, the founder and CEO of BRK Bada Capital Pvt. Ltd. got trained through Market Gurukul where he got the in-depth knowledge of stock market like technical analysis, tools & strategies for trading in the market, charts & candlestick patterns. He developed a strong comprehension about the stock market, planning the stocks and implementation of the concepts learnt during the training.

He has been a mentee of Mr. Sunil Minglani, a renowned stock market expert in India. Mr. Rajkamal has been successfully applying and replicating the knowledge earned from his master, hence becoming a Master Trader. As there was an in-built trait of entrepreneurship, Mr. Rajkamal got trained through the best-in-class coaching material and live sessions prepared by Dr. Vivek Bindra, who is known for his innovative business ideas and even making the dead businesses alive. The importance of the course certificate can be analysed by its signatories like Mr. Ashish Chauhan, MD of Bombay Stock Exchange, Mr. Ridham Desai, MD of Morgan Stanley India including Dr. Vivek Bindra himself. It's not the mere theoretical knowledge gained through several masters which has made Mr. Rajkamal a successful stock market trader but his own hardcore experience of more than 12 years of real time study and analysis of stock market. It has not been an easy journey for him to reach this point of success where he stands out among the only 5 to 10 percent top successful stock market traders in India whom one can rely upon.


As the founder of BRK Bada Capital Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Rajkamal Chauhan can potentially have a positive impact on aspiring traders and investors by sharing his knowledge and strategies, our vision at BRK Bada Capital Pvt. Ltd. is to become the leading provider of exceptional training and education in trading and the stock market. We are committed to empowering individuals from all walks of life with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the financial market successfully. Through our concise and accessible training module, we aim to demystify the complexities of trading, making it approachable for aspiring traders and investors at every level, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Our vision is to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters a community of informed and responsible traders, equipped to make sound investment decisions and achieve financial prosperity. With a focus on ethical practices and continuous innovation, we strive to be the catalyst that transforms learners into independent, profitable, and sustainable market participants, contributing to their personal growth and financial well-being.




It's fantastic to hear about the dedication, hard work, and 15 years of learning that have gone into developing the training module at BRK Bada Capital Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Chauhan's journey from initial failures to his own successful trading experiences has likely provided invaluable insights that can greatly benefit aspiring traders.

As with any educational program, transparency about the outcomes and limitations of the training is crucial. While claiming that learners can become successful profitable traders is inspiring, it's essential to emphasize that trading involves inherent risks, and not everyone may achieve the same level of success.

Overall, combining Mr. Rajkamal Chauhan's personal experiences with a concise and accessible training module holds great promise in empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to pursue success in the stock market. It's commendable that BRK Bada Capital Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to making financial education more approachable and inclusive for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

The claim that even a middle school-going kid can become a successful independent profitable trader is both ambitious and intriguing. If the training module is designed in a way that simplifies complex concepts and presents them in a user-friendly manner, it has the potential to appeal to a broader audience, including beginners and young learners.